Friday, 12 September 2014

Product review- Lancome Gel Eclat purifying pearly form cleanser

I tried this cleanser a few months ago after my satisfaction with Lancome scrub from the same range. However, this cleanser is a disappointment. Unlike the scrub which smells nice and works well, I  do not like the cleanser's smell. I do not like my skincare with strong smell, hence any strong smell turns me off.

This cleanser to me performs average vis-a-vis its price. After washing, my skin feels like it has been washed with cheap cleanser or over the shelf cleanser - you know, the 'rubbery' feeling on the skin and I don't feel that my skin is really clean. For about RM175 per a tube of 120 ml (I think that is the price) I would not repurchase because I think I could find something better. Luckily I tried the sample.

Rating : 3.5 out of 5.

Product review- Shiseido Ibuki purifying cleanser

This is the latest facial cleanser that I have tried.

I must say it is an excellent cleanser giving the results and price. Almost similar to my favourite sk2 cleanser, and it is cheaper. It has a very light smell which I can tolerate.  It leaves the skin thoroughly cleansed and moisturised.

Can't say more about it. I will definitely purchase it again.

Rating : 4.8 out of 5

HONEY for everything

Madu ialah antara perkara yang disebutkan di dalam al Quran. Berpegang kepada ini saya nekad untuk mencuba madu sebagai bahan penyembuh untuk semua jenis masalah kesihatan di rumah.

First let me tell you about my experience with gastric.  I started to have gastric after I gave birth to my eldest son. Then it became worst until the normal black charcoal no longer working on me. The doctor prescribed me a stronger medicine which was supposed to be good. Yes it was much better and good but what good is it to rely on medicine my entire life? Then I recalled about honey that's being mentioned in the Quran (surah al Naml. Without any hesitation I tried.  A spoon a day every morning or at night if I skipped it in the morning. I took it for only 3-4 days then my gastric atotally gone and didn't came back for many many years. If it did, I just take a table spoon of honey and InsyaAllah it will be gone in a matter of a day.

I did tell you that I love to shop whenever I travel especially local produce. Here... some honey (that are still around) that I bought during my last trip to New Zealand. I would suggest Manuka Honey with UMF 15 an above because it taste better and works faster. The one in the tall bottle is local honey that i bought from the orang asli on my way from Cameron Highlands while the shorter bottle is commercial local honey.

If you have children suffering from asthma, I would suggest you give them honey everyday and night. Trust me, it works. And also for kids who are prone to flu and cough. Try it yourself and you will cut your trip to the doctor or maybe you don't have to see doctors at all.