Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Zealand Self Drive Trip, KL-Christchurch Day 1

We were planning our vacation in Tokyo for this year but since we did not manage to get the hotel that suited our budget, we decided to go on a road trip in South Island New Zealand when RCI proposed an excellent place for us. To be honest, New Zealand is not in my wishlist because I thought that there was nothing much to see except the natural beauties.

Yes, I am an avid nature lover but to travel thousands of miles away spending thousands of our hard earned money just to see the same thing the entire vacation, does it worth the money spent? One thing good about going to New Zealand,  I thought, I did not have to worry about shopping as I did not want to splash on shopping.
This reason, coupled with my dear husband's wishlist to do bungy jumping and to see and feel New Zealand, half-heartedly I arranged for the accommodation at Wyndham Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand for 7 nights. I also invited my sister, my only sister, for this trip.I was very sentimental about having her in this trip as she had always wanted to travel and that she had always been there for me during my ups and downs. Anyway, the apartment is big enough for 6 people.

We would be there for 11 nights during the autumn. People say the best time to see New Zealand is during the autumn. South Island is colder than  the North Island, so we equipped ourselves sufficiently with thermal and winter clothings. When we checked on the weather, we should expect the weather to fall below 5 degree Celsius from 13, so we had to prepare ourselves sufficiently especially when travelling with a 5-month old baby. 

On May 25, we boarded Air Asia X from KLIA to Christchurch Airport. We took a midnight flight for the 10 hour journey. As Christchurch ("CHC") is 4 hours ahead of KL, we arrived at about 1600 hours at CHC . After custom clearance, we were ready to be picked up by the airport shuttle. 

The immigration clearance was very fast. It took us less than 10 minutes when we arrived the immigration counter. The airport has special counters for those travelling with small children and the officer showed us the way the moment we arrived. We were the first in the queue. We brought a lot of canned and pre-packed food and most of it were "safe" during the immigration check except for the food that we did not finish on the flight. According to the stewardess, it was alright to bring the flight food but we were told that any fresh food is not allowed into the country. So, make sure you finish the food served on the flight no matter what the cabin crew say if you do not want it be trashed into a dustbin later on. 

The moment we were outside, it was already dark. It was around 5 pm local time.

The shuttle that takes us to the hotel, which is just a few minutes away from the airport.
Taking a look surrounding the airport area after we checked in  at Sudima Hotel. The nearest place of interest is the Antartic Centre. It was already dark, as you would see in the pictures.

Back at the hotel, a studio apartment that all of us stayed, we had dinner with instant noodles that we brought from home. It was so good to have some hot food during this time. Tonight we were going to sleep early tonight as we need to catch a flight at 8 in the morning tomorrow to Queenstown before we headed to Wanaka. We would be staying in Whyndham Wanaka, a 6 pax apartment situated in Wanaka, which would be our base.

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