Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wanaka - Glenorchy- Te Anau (Day 3)

Today we would be heading to Te Anau. Our prime purpose was to see the much talked about Milford Sounds. We were going to stay in Te Anau for 2 nights so we brought with us some of our rations like rice, canned food and the most important of all- rice cooker. We also planned for a picnic in Glenorchy.

It was going to be another long, hectic but exciting day for all of us. We had a lot to cover - Cardona, Lake County, Wilson Bay, Glenorchy and any place along the way that might capture our attention, we might stop for some picture taking. 

Cardona Hotel, Wanaka

Our first stop, the Cardona Hotel, nestled in the rolling hills of the Cardrona Valley (established in 1863) is one of New Zealand's oldest hotels. 40 minutes drive from Queenstown and only 20 minutes from Wanaka (our base), it is also close to 5 major ski areas. If I was not wrong it was about 7 or 7.30 in the morning. I remember it was not even 8 am when we arrived here. We had to be early so that we could reach Te Anau before sunset as daylight in autumn is always shorter than summer, meaning we would have less time to see New Zealand.

Well, it was autumn and it was really early, the sun had not risen and it was freezing outside!! We just spent 15 minutes outdoor as it was so cold. Water starts running from my baby’s nose but surprisingly he remained quite. I quickly brought him inside the car and let the others lingered for awhile. It was hard to resist such a stunning view but I just could not stand the cold. 

If you are in New Zealand and if you see this...

it is actually a herd of sheep. It looks like rolls of facial cotton enlarged on a huge field. Look how cute these sheep are. They really take all your worries away.

Breathtaking view at Lake County

Another paradise on earth...Glenorchy

Nothing is better than having a picnic overlooking a spectacular view like this. But picnic in the chill weather? Well you’ve got to try it yourself. To be honest I did not want to get out of the car. The cold was unbearable but seeing my children seriously enjoying the picnic, I had to give them the chance. Anyway, all of us were starving.

Our menu for picnic: steamed glutinous rice with fried salted fish (pulut dan ikan masin goreng), fried rice,  apples and tea. It was finger-licking good!! Don't believe me? Look at them...

Having a picnic in the cold at Glenorchy.
The last edible apple on the tree. I would say he is the only human being we saw in this town. I have to say that it was a bit creepy to go to a town like this one- very quite like a dead town, something like in the movie. Anyway he is such a sweet guy.

 Breathtaking view along the way to Te Anau.


Checked in at Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park.

It was already past 7 pm when reached the holiday park. Luckily we could find the place with ease, with the help of a GPS of course. After checked in, we went out for awhile to grab some food and bought some packed rice and New Zealand salmon for dinner. I must say this was the freshest and tastiest salmon I ever eaten- rich orange flesh when fresh and sweet and succulent when cooked. And do not worry about the price. Salmon is cheap here. Maybe next time I should bring some fish curry powder and coconut milk :).

Oh yea, before I forget (as I always do), we were stopped by a police traffic while driving to Te Anau. We thought we wanted to reach there before dawn as it gets dark very quickly during spring and the road is a bit slippery. We also thought that there was no one there as all the while it was only us on the road, then....all of a sudden a police car pulled over ahead of us...just like in a movie....Sensing something is not right, we stopped. There we go! We were slapped with a fine, all in about RM1K! Enough for me to get the premium sheepskin or a few good sheepskin already. What a bad day.

If you are wondering whether we pay the fine or not...yes, we did. The only reason because we still want to go there again.

So guys, if you are driving in New Zealand and even if you are driving in a secluded road (like our case), pls observe all trafic rules -> our mistakes were, my one year old was not in his car seat when we were stopped and my 7-year old who was sitting on the back seat did not have his seatbelt on.

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