Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Christchurch - Wanaka (Day 2)

Filled with excitement, we headed to Christchurch ("CHC") airport. We chose not to drive from CHC to Wanaka as it would be too tiring having to drive for the entire trip, so we decided to take Jetstar to take us to Queenstown airport, the nearest airport to Wanaka. Queenstown is about an hour drive to Wanaka. The plan was: take the morning flight from CHC airport to Queenstown then drive to Wanaka, where the resort is located. Along the way we would make a few stops and enjoy New Zealand. The decision proved the wisest decision ever as we got to see the breathtaking view of the mountains and terrains especially when the aeroplane was flying low before it landed.

Queenstown airport surrounding

Queenstown Airport

After collecting our rented car from Apex Car Rental at the airport, we headed straight to Arrowtown, a historic gold mining town established in 1982 that claimed its fame for the filming of the Lord of the Rings movie.

Bungy was my husband wish to do the bungy jumping but since we were travelling with children, we had to scrap this idea. Perhaps next time. So for the time being, pictures should be enough.

 Wherever I go, I must make sure I stop at cheese factory (if there is any) and bring home some cheese. We took a break at Gibston Valley Cheesery and took a look at the cheese. Well, choices a bit limited though.

Taste the cheese and choose which one you like.

The vineyard during the autumn.

Cromwel, the fruit town....

Can't get enough of fruit...a must buy from Miss Jone's-sweet, fresh and cheap. Besides fruits, honey is cheap too.

If you happen to be in New Zealand, kiwi fruits and honey are must-buy items. I love Comvita 18+ UMF for its taste- it is tastier and less sweet (and a bit bitter but I love it) compared  to the others. Here, you get to sample the honey, chocolates and dried fruit so you will not make wrong purchase. If I am not wrong I did see another fruit shop near by this shop, but we only came here as time did not permit.
The kiwi fruits is a must buy, so does the honey (not in picture). Behind me is stacks of chocolates.
Out of season fruits are expensive.

The most right apple in the front is Pacific Beauty- the sweetest of them all. My sister has been looking for this apple as she calls it "Snow White" apple as it looks exactly like that in the book.

"It's huge, isn't it?"

Driving to Wanaka.

Our rented car from Apex. We paid almost NZD1000 for this trip inclusive of car seat, GPS, insurance as well as a full tank of petrol. However, we used our own Garmin as we had all locations marked on the map.

Checked in at Whyndham Wanaka, Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. It's a 2-bedroom luxurious apartment located at Mt Aspiring Road, Wanaka, which we would stay for 7 days, which was going to be our base.

"I am ready for bed mummy"

End of Day 1

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