Saturday, 2 November 2013

Makan buah CERI untuk Sakit Sendi?

Buah ceri? Sedap tapi mahal... tapi percayalah, ia berbaloi terutama bagi sesiapa yang menghidap sakit sendi.

Ceri... selain rupanya yang cantik, rasa yang manis dan ranggup, ia memberi banyak manfaat kesihatan.  Saya begitu teruja untuk berkongsi pemerhatian saya mengenai buah ceri.

Nota : saya tidak akan sertakan sebarang kajian sains di sini kerana entri ini adalah semata-mata berdasarkan pemerhatian dan eksperimen saya yang ternyata berkesan.

Apa dia?

Saya masih muda tetapi kadang-kadang saya akan diserang sakit sendi di bahagian lutut. Dan ia amat menyakitkan, seperti sendi di kepala lutut dihiris dengan pisau. Ngeri, bukan?

Apa yang saya buat?

Saya pernah mengambil supplement  yang mengandungi glucosamine. Saya menghabiskan satu botol suplement tersebut dalam masa sebulan dan alhamdulillah, sakit sendi di lutut saya hilang.

Beberapa tahun kemudian, sakit lutut saya tiba-tiba menyerang. Waktu itu saya berada di Rom, Itali dan kebetulan ia adalah semasa musim panas, bermakna cherries could be found in abundance. Sebagai penggemar ceri tegar, perkara pertama yang saya lakukan apabila sampai di sana ialah mencari buah ceri. Selepas memakan lebih kurang 1kg ceri dalam masa 2 hari, sakit lutut saya tiba-tiba hilang dan saya dapat berjalan seperti biasa. Sejak itu, apabila sendi di  lutut saya mula terasa sakit, saya akan makan buah ceri. Tentunya buah ceri jauh lebih sedap daripada makan pil vitamin!

Make Up Tips-how to create fabulous eye make up

While I was window shopping at KLCC, I dropped by Christian Dior counter. The kind sales assistant showed me some new make up tips.

I reckon almost everyone knows that if you apply concealer underneath your eye it would conceal eyebags and dark circles. What I am going to share with you here is that if you apply concealer at the arch of your eyebrow, it will make your eyes shinier and your eyebrows more defined and nicer.

No wonder the models and celebrities look fabulous in their make up.

Before this I never bother about using concealer but after I found out about the secret of more beautiful eyes I would definitely give concealer a try.

Christchurch-Akaroa (Day 10)

Akaroa, the much talked about tourist spot, 84 km by road from Christchurch. The name Akaroa was derived from Kai Tahu Maori for 'Long Harbour'. One could still see the French  touch and influence in this town as its history started way back in 1836 when the French arrived in Akaroa and established a settlement there. 

Monday, 28 October 2013

Petua Untuk Badan dan Ketiak Wangi

Jangan gelak apabila anda membaca tajuk di atas. Ya! Siapa yang tidak mahu badan berbau wangi, terutamanya ketiak? Saya akan kongsikan satu petua yang amat senang untuk dilakukan dan diamalkan.

Anda hanya perlukan bunga cengkih dan air suam sahaja. Apa yang perlu anda buat ialah rendam beberapa (2-3) kuntum bunga cengkih di dalam segelas air suam. Biar berapa ketika sehingga bunga cengkih keluar warna dan bau. Amalkan minum air bunga cengkih setiap hari, dua kali sehari.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Wanaka-Christchurch (Day 9)

Today we were driving back to Christchurch via Canterbury plains. We made a few stops along the way, Wanaka > Lake Tekapo > Geraldine > Christchurch.

Total journey time from Wanaka to Christchurch is around 5 hours by car. So we left early that morning drove off to our first pit stop, ie Geraldine. We took the Inland Scenic Route 72 through to Geraldine and then Routes 79 and 8 to Lake Tekapo. We reached Christchurch about 3 p.m local time.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wanaka (Day 8)

After 8 days of going around the South Island, travelling hundreds of metres, we decided to go somewhere close by. Where else, if not Wanaka itself. 

Wanaka offers some places of interes such as Transport & Toy Museum and Puzzling World. Puzzling World started out as just a single level maze in 1973, but over the years expanded to add overbridges to the maze design (thus creating the world's first 3-D maze), a large "puzzling café" where guests could try out several puzzles, five large rooms of optical illusions, the Leaning Tower of Wanaka (which has a backwards clock that was started on the eve of the new millennium) and other attractions (such as the Roman Bathrooms) that ascribe to their theme of "puzzling eccentricity". 

Transport & Toy Museum

There were a lot more toys and 'real' toys which would surprise you. See it for yourselves. Kids love them.

Wanaka-Jackson Bay-Haast(Day 7)

Today, sight seeing again....From Wanaka to Jackson Bay then to Haast.

We left for Jackson Bay early in the morning. See...whenever we do self trip drive, we usually leave our base really early to catch up the time, especially when we travel during late spring or winter. The day is shorter and it gets dark faster.

We went to Jackson Bay to enjoy the famous cray fish. We heard that the place is famous for fresh cray fish and we were like 'dying' to try it. But...we went there for nothing! NOTHING as in there was no cray fish, no shop and no one there EXCEPT us and some flies! We were just wondering why...were we too early or was it closed? Or we got to the wrong location?

No cray fish and chips. We just got some pictures....

Monday, 1 July 2013

Wanaka - Mount Cook (Day 6)

We would be travelling from our base in Wanaka to Mount Cook today.

From Wanaka to Mount Cook (205 km) took us about 2.5 hours by car. It was definitely a long drive along the winding road. Half of the journey was along the uphill road, full with pine trees- so green and fresh and cool and the other half through a deserted road to the Mount Cook itself where almost everything was brown and white. Drive, drive and drive until we saw the snow-capped mountain.

Pembantu Rumah- Love and hate relationship

Entry kali ini saya tulis dalam BM kerana saya ingin bercakap mengenai senario yang sering dihadapi oleh masyarakat Malaysia terutamanya ibu-ibu yang bekerja. Setiap hari ada sahaja cerita mengenai maid, tapi apa yang saya mahu cerita di sini ialah bagaimana kebanyakan daripada kita sebenarnya terpaksa mengupah seseorang untuk tinggal bersama kita untuk membantu menguruskan urusan seharian apabila kita (ibu-ibu terutamanya) keluar bekerja.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Te Anau-Queenstown-Wanaka (Day 5)

When we arrived the first day in Te Anau, it was already dark. The next day, we left Te Anau for Milford Sound very early in the morning and came back in the evening. It was a hectic day that I did not realise how beautiful Te Anau was. Actually beautiful is an understatement. Te Anau is really spectacular in autumn. Colourful trees painted the entire surrounding and it looked more like a painting than a real life.

Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park

Milford Sound, Te Anau (Day 4)

This day was allocated exclusively for a cruise in Milford Sound. If you are wondering, Milford Sounds is a fiord; the grandeur of rocky slopes that rise dramatically out of the waters against a stunning backdrop of snowy peak. People come here to see this natural wonder and you need to take a cruise to do this. If you are lucky, you get to see creatures like dolphins, seals and penguin during the cruise. Unfortunately we did not see any during the cruise or perhaps it was too gloom to see any of them.

We booked this trip in advance with the holiday park operator when we did booking for the room. If I was not wrong we paid about NZD500 for the trip for all of us. The room comes in four beds with cooking facilities. The place was not great but nice and comfortable enough for us the entire family. The lacking of hot water was a bit of a challenge especially during cold weather. Anyway, we paid less than  NZD20 per person.